NOTE: We have bolded the policy sections to help you find them quicker. Please take the time to review  the policies that apply. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at  …….. 

Elite Moving, is dedicated to providing safe and efficient moves to each of its valued customers. To do  this, the company has put some policies in place that will enable each customer to have the smoothest  move possible. Each policy is detailed below & in our Terms & Conditions PDF. 

Our moving estimates are based on the information you provided and our experience and expertise.  This is only an estimate, actual time may vary. The actual time can vary due to lack of preparation, poor  access at job site, or additional items to be moved not originally accounted for in the bid. Job cost is  directly correlated to access and quantity of household goods to be moved. We do our best to  accurately estimate the cost of your move but due to variables out of our control, Elite Moving does not  guarantee completion time. Due to scheduling constraints Elite Moving reserves the right to send more  or less personnel depending on availability and need. 

1. Guidance, Walk-trough and Payment. The customer or his representative must be present during the  move at all times. It is customer’s responsibility to do a final “walkthrough” of the premises to ensure  we have taken everything. We encourage our customers to remain with us throughout the entire move,  not least because when we are moving items such as furniture you can then point out any scratches,  marks, or dents that we may have missed, or vice versa. If for whatever reason you are not available  during your move, or if you need to leave during your move, we will need you to sign a release  acknowledging that you accept all of the items in the condition that we bring them to you. Under these  circumstances, we will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items, nor will we be held  responsible for any items that were not moved. 

2. Payment Options. We accept the following: Cash, money order, personal and business checks,  cashier’s check, or a credit card. 

3. Items that MUST Be Removed Prior to Moving Day: On moving day please make sure you have all the  following items removed and placed in your vehicle or a secure & locked area: All medications, checks,  passports, documents, precious stones, jewelry, cash, coins, expensive china & glassware, credit cards,  

firearms, statuary, flammables, stocks & bonds, furs, fine art, collectibles, computers, laptops, gaming  consoles and games or other similar valuables. Prior to your move we will be asked to sign a waiver that  all has been completed.  

4. Cancellation Fee: We have a cancellation fee of $50.00. We do not have a fee for re-scheduling your  move unless you re-schedule it within 48 hours of your originally scheduled move. If so, you will be  charged $50.00. 

5. Sometimes modern day furniture does not fit into small, tight stairwells, entrances, hallways, etc. Our  crew will do their best, but we cannot be held responsible if an item does not fit into your residence. 

Elite Moving will not be responsible for damage caused by any non-routine moving including, but not  limited to; hoisting, standing pieces on end, handing items over railings, sharp turns, overcrowded areas,  and tight hallways/entrances. 

6. Damages and Claims: Any damage claim must be submitted in writing to within 30 days of your moving day. Each claim must include pictures,  description of the damages, and how they may have occurred. Applicable notes about these damages  must be made in writing on the bill of lading on the day of your move before movers leave your  premises. We promise to thoroughly investigate and resolve all claims within fifteen business days,  provided all applicable moving payments have been received. Unless payment is made in full as is due  we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the  final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage. This is ILLEGAL. Our company standards do  assume a full inspection of furniture by both our movers and customers; however the final inspection is  the responsibility of the customer. All of our customers sign a bill of lading upon completion of a move.  It reads “I have inspected my goods and premises, including but not limited to elevators, floors, and  stairwells. There are no damages except as noted. The cab and the back of the truck are empty and the  job is complete”. For any insurance company this document is critical in noting charges the same day, to  ensure the damage occurred that day and that coverage could be provided.  

7. Loss of Value. Our insurance does not cover any loss of value due to damage and subsequent repairs. 

8. Refrigerator Move. We only move empty freezers/refrigerators. Please empty the contents for safe  moving. We are happy to load these last and unload them first. 

9. Grandfather Clocks. You are responsible for removing the pendulum, chimes and weights. Clocks are  very delicate to and may need to be retuned or adjusted after you move has been completed by a  professional.  

10. Dresser Drawers, File Cabinets, Desk Drawers. Please empty all dresser drawers, file cabinets and  desk drawers. Remember that the furniture will have to be lifted and carried, so if it’s overstuffed and  extra heavy it will be more difficult to handle. If the furniture will have to be navigated through  challenging obstacles, like a winding staircase, it’s usually best to remove everything, even the drawers,  as it may be necessary to flip the furniture on its side or upside-down to get it through. The more  prepared you are the more efficient we can be and the quicker the job can be completed. Loose and  unpacked items can add time to the estimate.  

11. Marble, Natural Stone & Glass. Elite Moving will not be responsible for any or all types of marble,  due to the age or hairline crack that can cause splitting. We recommend that you place the marble in  your personal vehicles for safe transportation. Items like statues or table tops that are made of marble,  granite, alabaster, glass, or any other natural stone or fragile material MUST be crated for us to assume  liability. We must crate these items to properly secure them without risk of damage or crumbling. 

12. Last Minute Change of Service. If the move requires work above and beyond the original order for  services, Elite Moving reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work. 

For example, you have originally ordered services for two (2) rooms move only. On the day of the move  you adding additional rooms to move, not mentioned at the time of request, additional pickups/drop  offs etc., which will significantly increase total move time. In order to make our schedule on time for the  next move, we reserve the right to postpone additionally requested services till our next availability  and/or after completion of other jobs that day.  

13. Flat Screen TVs. These are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and  altitude changes. The original packaging is the best. In any case, please note that in the absence of  physical evidence of external damage or negligence (visible damage) we are not responsible for TVs  functioning after delivery. Please note item #6 in our EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY.  

14. Weather Conditions. Elite Moving reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time,  without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to heavy/freezing rain, snow  emergency, hurricane warning, weather travel ban etc. You will have the option of being rescheduled to  our next available day. We will do our best to reschedule you as soon as possible.  

15. Driveways. Elite Moving will not drive our truck off of the street surface or on very steep surfaces. In  certain instances there may be time required to position the truck onto your property or in the street.  Any time spent positioning the truck will be on the clock. Please be aware that positioning a large truck  into some driveways may be extremely difficult. Elite Moving will not be responsible for any damage to  your driveway, lawn, trees. Etc. Our drivers are experienced and will be as careful as possible when  positioning the truck.  

16. Safe Pathways & Access to Abode. Please ensure that your walkways are safe especially in the winter  and if there are any access problems: hills, long unpaved driveways, loose gravel, etc., please let us  know. Elite Moving will not take a truck off pavement or on steep grades. Elite Moving will not drive a  truck over freshly graveled driveways, lawn sidewalk or other area not designated for truck traffic. Doing  so may cause ruts in the grass, cracking of concrete, loss of vegetation, damage to underground  sprinklers, drain fields or other damage. Elite Moving is not responsible for any damage or towing  charges, which may result, whether foreseeable or not. Any time spent positioning the truck(s) or time  lost due to truck(s) getting stuck will be at customer's expense. 

17. Right of Refusal. Elite Moving will not do anything that we feel is unsafe. We reserve the right not to  service you under dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive conditions the determination of which is at our sole  discretion and we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages. Elite  Moving will not work in unfloored attics. Ceiling damage and personal injury may result. Elite Moving  assumes no responsibility for ceilings. 

18. Self-Storage. If you are loading or unloading into or out of self-storage, we are only responsible for  damage caused while loading, transporting or unloading. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide  padding (blankets, thick towels, padded paper, etc.) to protect their goods. You can rent our blankets for  $12 per blanket is due on the day of your move, and $6 will be refunded to you when you return them.  We ask you to be present at the storage site to note the condition of your items. Our responsibility ends  when the unloading is complete. We will move items into any storage unit of your choice, however 

items will be stacked in the storage unit and we have no control over people coming into or out your  unit after that time. For this reason, our insurance coverage stops as soon as we unload the contents  into storage. Days, weeks or months later, if damage is claimed or if items claimed lost or misplaced,  there will be no coverage. Self-Storage moves are 100% at the customers own risk. Please purchase or  

rent pads and we will be happy to pad your furniture to keep it safe in storage. Keep in mind when we  unload, we take our pads with us unless you purchase them.  

19. Help with Your Move. Please note: Insurance regulations prohibit us from allowing you on the truck  and if you choose to help with any part of the move, per our contract, we are excluded from liability for  the entire move.  

20. Simulated Wood Products and Pressed Board. We assume no liability for items made of particle  board, engineered wood, or pressboard as these items are made to be shipped flat in a box  disassembled. These items are typically built in a manner that cannot withstand the force and  movement of an average move. We can and will handle these items with the highest level of care.  However, there is no guarantee that the item will move without damage regardless of how it is moved. These items are excluded from any and all moving insurance coverage. We will do our best to transport  these items for you in a safe and careful manner, but because pressed wood furniture is so unstable we  are unable to offer increased cargo valuation or increased insurance on these pieces. If damage does  occur you will be able to submit a claim only for the basic cargo valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound. Full replacement value insurance excludes these items. Pressed wood and particleboard furniture is  moved at your own risk! 

21. Disassemble & Re-assemble. Elite Moving does not re-assemble any item that we did not  disassemble unless we feel it is safe. We can take apart simple items like bed frames; take legs off of  tables, etc. We cannot disassemble or assemble any cribs. Elite Moving will not assemble or take apart  anything that is too complex or that requires a manual. Please ask us prior to the move if you have a  question. All CRIBS must be disassembled prior to moving day. 

22. How to Save Money. Pack everything into uniform sized boxes with lids and mark them with the  destination room. Stay close to the action. Move delicate items in your car. We are happy, to place them  there and remove them. Disassemble your furniture before we arrive. Be as clear as possible with your  directions to our crew 

23. Aging and Deterioration. When moving household items, Elite Moving has found deterioration  occurs over time due to age/heat/dry rotting. Wood dowels and furniture, mattresses lump and  disfigure upon disturbing, lampshades and wiring also become brittle and rotten, and floor lamp base  concrete may crumble and fell out. If you wish, we will move them carefully, but will not be responsible  for damage of deteriorated items.  

24. Unsafe/Unique Moving Circumstances. We are often asked to perform tasks that border on the  impossible. Elite Moving will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but  not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags  and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and 

damage caused by weather. Elite Moving is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or  surroundings, as a result of a specific customer request. You will be asked to sign a waiver if we agree to  attempt a move that we deem unsafe or unreasonable.  

25. Flammables and Combustibles. Elite Moving will move no flammables or hazardous material due to  safety laws and DOT regulations. As you prepare for your move, there are some things you should be  prepared to move yourself or leave behind. Moving companies are not legally permitted to transport  any hazardous materials! This includes items that are flammable, corrosive or combustible. If you have a  gas barbecue grill you will need to disconnect the tank and take it with you or the grill stays where it is.  Your lawnmower and other power lawn tools must be emptied of fuel or they do not go on the truck.  You should also be sure to disconnect gas hookups for grills, dryers, water heaters and anything else  that you plan to have your movers take. Moving companies cannot handle gas connections. Please  contact your gas company for servicing. We do not disconnect gas appliances under no circumstances.  

Non-allowable items include: sterno (jelled fuel), Fire Extinguishers, Household Batteries, Matches,  Aerosols, Chemistry Sets, Kerosene, Cleaning Solvents, Darkroom Chemicals, Gasoline, Ammonia, Pool  Chemicals, Propane/Propane Tanks, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Motor Oil, Fireworks, Car Batteries,  Charcoal, Charcoal Lighter, Liquid Bleach, Fertilizer, Paints (latex & oil-based), Paint Thinner, Pesticides,  Firearms, Ammunition, Poisons (such as weed killer), Lamp Oils, Fuels. Customers must make other  arrangements to transport these items.  

26. Potted Plants. Especially larger ones are very difficult to move when full. The vibrations of the truck  can sometimes crack the pots when full. We will be able to move your potted plants for you if you wish.  We do not move large potted plants weighing over 30 lbs. Elite Moving will not be responsible for any  damages to any potted plants or the pot/container they are planted in.  

27. Electrical Connection & Dis-connection. We cannot disconnect any water, electrical, or gas lines from  any appliance or item. We also cannot disassemble any item that requires such a disconnection or  connection. We will connect washer/dryer or ice makers, but is not responsible for the connections. You  or your representative must check or accept any plumbing connections. Any assistance we give is as a  courtesy only. Water and drain connections are the responsibility of the user. Elite Movers are not  licensed plumbers.  

33. Pianos & Safe Moving. We move upright pianos, gun safes, jeweler safes, High-back pianos etc.  Please check with us prior to the move to make sure we can safely move it. We move pianos & safes up  or down any stairs. 

34. Electronics. You must pre-package or box any televisions, computer monitors, printers, etc. to be  transported. You may choose to purchase a box from Elite Moving if given ample notice prior to the  moving day. We will not move any unboxed electronics. We will not load any unboxed televisions or  electronics into our trucks, nor will we load into your personal vehicles. Our movers are not liable for  

internal damage to electronic goods if not external damage has been caused. Certain electronics may  develop unavoidable faults no matter how carefully they are handled.

35. Pre-Existing Damage. We assume no liability for items with pre-existing damage. 

36.Boxed Items: All boxed items are your responsibility. The condition of any item(s) packed by you  prior to moving is not covered by Elite Moving, unless there is clear proof that our movers have caused  physical damage to the box itself. It is also your responsibility to inspect all boxes for physical damage  upon their delivery prior to the movers’ departure. Elite Moving will not accept any claims of physical  damage to boxes after we have left the delivery location. 

37. Downtime: All downtime during the move (waiting for elevators to be set up or arrive, for new keys  to be delivered, traffic, customer inspecting their belongings upon delivery, etc.) is billable unless  otherwise specified. 


1. Elite Moving’s liability for lost or damaged items is limited to $0.60 per pound per article unless the  customer has purchased additional insurance.  

2. Structural Damage. Our liability is limited to up to $250.00 for damage to floors, walls, doors, and  painted surfaces unless otherwise noted. 

3. Limits of Liability. Elite Moving is not liable for damage to or the loss of a complete set or unit when  only part of such a set is damaged or lost. Should such damage occur, we are liable only for the damaged  piece or pieces. 

4. Elite Moving shall be responsible for replacement of any lost items listed on inventory page and  inspected prior to move, subject to above limits. Items not listed on the inventory are not insured.  

5. The condition of any item(s) boxed by customer (PBO/packed by owner) and not inspected prior to  move is not insured by Elite Moving and is the responsibility of the customer.  

6. Elite Moving shall in no way be responsible for the working condition of electronic equipment,  grandfather clocks, or any other piece of mechanical equipment (MCU/Mechanical Condition Unknown).  All items should be properly boxed and securely packed. If the following items are transported loosely,  they are excluded from moving liability. These items include, but are not limited to: ELECTRONIC  COMPONENTS, APPLIANCES, TELEVISIONS, STEREOS, DVD PLAYERS, CD/MP3 PLAYERS, SEWING  MACHINES, TYPEWRITERS, COMPUTERS, PLANTS, LAMPSHADES, GLASS, CERAMIC LAMPS, CERAMIC  ITEMS MIRRORS (WITH OR WITHOUT A DRILLED HOLE), MARBLE, CERAMIC, PLASTICS, CONCRETE  PIECES, STATUES, PICTURES, PAINTINGS, CURTAIN RODS, COMPUTERS, LAPTOPS, DISHES, CHINA, ETC.  Standard liability is limited to and not to exceed $0.60 cents per pound, per article.  

5. Elite Moving will not repair or replace pressed board or simulated wood furniture. Much of the  budget priced furniture today is made from a pressed wood or wood byproduct material. Some of the  wood grain look is simply paper and some is very thin plastic material like on lower end kitchen cabinets.  This type of material is not structurally strong, especially if it has screws, since the screw threads have  no real grain to imbed into, just crumbly pressed wood chips held together by some binding agent. It is 

not repairable and we have seen it crumble from the smallest vibrations riding in a truck across town.  Do not EVEN ask us to repair or replace this type of furniture! We will do our best to move it successfully  for you. This type of furniture is specifically excluded from basic and increased insurance coverage. 

6. The right is reserved by Elite Moving to repair or replace any damaged item(s).  

7. Elite Moving will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not  limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, over-crowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and  sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and  damage caused by weather. Occasionally it may not be possible to place items where you would like  them without possible damage to the items or premises. If this situation arises, our foreman will present  you with a release form indicating that you accept responsibility for any ensuing damage. (and/or obtain  your verbal agreement). You will be asked to sign a waiver if we agree to attempt any non-routine  moving request. 

8. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for loss or damage to accounts, bills, checks, evidence of debts,  letters of credit, passports, tickets, documents, manuscripts, notes, mechanical drawings, securities,  currency, money, bullion, precious stones, jewelry, or other similar valuables, paintings, statuary, or  other works of art; or property carried gratuitously or as an accommodation. The process of removing  drawers must be done in the presence of the customer or their agent. We require that all valuables be  place in a secure area off the premises prior to moving day and not be brought into the final location  until after we have completed the move. Example: (A vehicle or a family members or a friend’s  residence.)  

9. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for damage resulting when moving household items that have  deteriorated such as, but not limited to, lamp shades, mattresses, electrical wiring, etc.  

10. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for glass in any form or damage resulting from glass breakage  unless special packaging has been purchased. This applies to porcelain and ceramic items, also.  

11. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for plants or pets.  

12. Elite Moving may use dollies to facilitate removal or placement of appliances, etc., and damage that  may result to soft floors, such as, but not limited to, indentation, scuff marks, etc., are not the  responsibility of Elite Moving.  

13. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for damage to waterbeds or any subsequent damage. We claim  no expertise as waterbed technicians.  

14. Elite Moving shall not be responsible for damage to items requiring special instructions if customer  fails to provide such instructions including, but not limited to, disassembly or assembly of said items and  any special preparation required. It is your responsibility to provide special tools if needed.  

15. Elite Moving assumes no liability or responsibility for any items and cargo placed in the customer's  own vehicle or in rental equipment and which Elite Moving does not transport. 

16. Elite Moving may use dollies to move heavy objects such as but not limited to pianos, appliances,  items over 300 lb., etc. Any floor surfaces including but not limited to parquet, hardwood, ceramic,  marble, entrance halls, etc. and any damage that may result to soft floors, such as, but not limited to,  indentation, scuff marks, etc., are not the responsibility of Elite Moving. If floor can be pulled by  thumbnail, we are not responsible for damage. Elite Moving may use water or soapy water to facilitate  removal or placement of appliances.  

17. Water Connections. Elite Moving will not connect washer/dryer, or ice makers. Please note: you or  your representative must check or accept any plumbing connections. Please make sure the main water  valve(s) are completely turned off before disconnecting them. Any assistance we give is as a courtesy  only. Water and drain connections are the responsibility of the user. WE ARE NOT PLUMBERS.  

18. Elite Moving cannot be responsible for the working condition of major appliances. Please note: if you  are moving front/top load washer- you are responsible to arrange third party appliance technician who  will install shipping bolts for your washer before moving it! We do not carry THEM! A good place to  check for part numbers and availability is at your local appliance center. There is also a universal  washing machine stabilization pack on the market called LitKit that doesn't use bolts but requires a bit  more effort.  

19. Elite Moving cannot be responsible for dents or scratches on major appliances. A thin metal that has  an extreme affinity to dent and scratch covers them.  

20. Ceilings. Elite Moving assumes no responsibility for ceilings.